This whole Ives/Pellegrino controversy: I don't quite understand-I have just read some posts, but here are some of my thoughts regarding it-

You need different training partners to evolve, plain and simple.

Training with the same guys, you fall into a routine; you know eachother's tricks, and styles-

It's essential to switch it up-the more styles you can go with, the more you adapt, the better you become.

Picture yourself and your training as if you were a road scholar- You need to travel and learn new things-
Perhaps this is what Ives has done, and it's being mis-interpreted. But again, I do not know the whole story-

Any other thoughts?

It worked for Shammy, but didn't work for Newton. It also depends on how committed you are to training with the different competitors, the dojo/BJJ etiquette may hinder alot of people. Many higher ranked BJJ'ers come into other schools and there is kind of an unspoken agreement not to make the visitor look bad or for the visitor to make the head instructor look bad.

Yeah, I don't know much of the BJJ etiquette. I just see in black or white- As a competitor, there should be an understanding, and it should never be taken personal. If you hold back against a partner in training, then you are not being true to yourself, or to him- 110% intensity all the time- and at the end you hug or shakes hands, and evolve-

Even the people who don't hold back against their regular training partners, aren't enough for the serious competitor to better himself/herself. Because despite the fact that they go at it hard, when you roll with the same people all the time you learn their habits, know their physical strengths and weakness, their technical strengths and weakness and just get to familiar with them as opponents, which makes your training sessions stale and outdated. You will not progress if that's the training you follow.

good points. I actually mean just going live- There's just so much you can learn- I believe learning a few good things, and doing them better than anyone else-

I also believe this fuegofighter!  And like Pilot said, it may work for some but not all, I think it's because even though some may learn something new, they don't blend it with their own abilities.

This might seem silly.... have you ever watched someone learn how to dance? A good dancer can learn a new dance & add their own "seasoning" to it. Someone else might have just the "basic" steps without integrating it with their own style.

I don't think that Newton was training with new people was he? If so who did he train with that was different?

it comes down to whether the person that trains with the same people all the time having the drive to learn new techniques or positions from another source, whether it be DVD's, books or by watching other people roll. It's the guy that gets real good, and is untouchable by his regular partners and then believes he could handle ANY competitor the way he handles his regular partners, that's the guy that will eventually fall on his face.