To Fabio Hollanda

Hey Fabio!

I was too busy trying to get things taken care of so I could leave that I wasn't able to come in this week after Monday -- sorry I missed you!Since I know you check up here from time to time, I hope you read this before your fight.

I won't wish you 'good luck', because the way you've been training, you won't need it. You've put in a lot of tough hours, days and weeks into preparing for this fight and it shows. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that we're cheering for you and we believe in you! Bring your avaianas de pau (sp?) and kick some serious ass. "They're not comfortable, but they teach your opponent not to f*ck with you!"

Have a great time at the after party and I'll be in touch once I get settled in in the DR.



big joe!!!! email me we never settled those details..