To Gamecube or not to Gamecube?

I have enough "credit" to get a gamecube at a local video game store and I am wondering if I should get a gamecube, or spend some real cash + the credit and get the Wii instead.


if your choices are between the two theres no reason for you not to wait for the wii unless you dont think youll get it at a decent time. especially since the wii can play the gc discs

Well, it is one of those things where I could get the system today with some games, or wait until the wii, and get 1 game or 2 tops...

it helps when I can get the gc for $60.00

I am trying to get info on this currently.  Apparently there are emulators that you can burn to cd and then can play in the dreamcast.

if for some reason you can't wait, Resident Evil 4 alone is a good reason to get a Gamecube, plus the new Zelda will be out soon...

but it'd be sort of silly to not just wait for the Wii imo, plus it'll play all the old Gamecube games as well in addition to all the new experiences the Wii is going to offer. on the other hand a new gamecube is only $99 now, whereas the Wii will be 200+, depends on your money situation i guess

halz, you can burn emulators and games for the dc. i used to have a snes and nes cd burned for my dc

Well, I can get the gamecube for 60 and the Wii is 250. Ugh, I might just wait.