To my boys on Guam.

Although my stay was short, I feel like I got to touch bases with my family on Guam pretty good. Bert is doing a great job with Purebred Guam and Roman is working his ass off with more much more to come. His new Fokai shop is awesome and everyone going to Guam must check it out. I'll post his address when I get it. The Mouth Eli is putting together a MMA event with a solid card (Severn vs King Kong), Melchor is building an awsome MMA cage, first ever on Guam. On another note I finally met up with Big John Calvo. Although we parted ways and had our differences, it was good to see him doing good at Kuam with his own office.
Bert much aloha for the car and Eli for the room at Hilton. The executive floor suited me well.
I'm glad it seems that the Typhoon missed you guys and I look forward to seeing all of you again in January.

i just want to thank Enson for coming out to Guam
and checking out our progress. also want to thank you for the gear you gave the gym, we've been long overdue for it. i hope to see again in january for the events scheduled. later!

Where is the guam gym locted? My girlfriend is from guam and we were planning a trip there next summer, and i was hoping to stop by and trian there at least once. What is Fokai? i got a fokai shirt and i have no clue what it is.

Purebred Guam is located right across Nissan Motor City in agana, real easy to find. ask any local

in the native language "fokai" is a slang word meaning to fuck something or someone up used mostly by the older crowd as way to express a violent action through words. but used more as a verb by alot of the younger people of guam (i.e that guy fokai'ed that wave.)

as a company Fokai got it's recognition through hard work , dedication and a real ingenius approach to advertising and marketing. Almost addicting, people buy shirts monthly waiting for the "new fokai shirt".
and getting disappointed when they find out that the "new" design is sold out! (i know i do). Fokai's begining's came from extreme sports, Orginaly from surfing then branching out to several diffrent extreme sports, which ultimatly led it to MMA, fokai made it's mma debut in super brawl 7 1998. and since has been seen on fighters in super brawl,shooto, pride and even the UFC, fokai has now taken it's place among as one of the ONLY local brand names on island and hopefully world wide.

"What is fokai?"
It's a Guam based Extreme sports brand. and so much more....

(**disclaimer** I'm not a company rep, so if any of my statement's are untrue please bash me freely)


Thanx for the info nova1 my girlfriend is from agana and she knows where that is but we wont be staying near there her cousin lives in yigo(SP?) and well be staying there. but we may spend a few days in agana at her grandmothers house. Hey Enson when will you be there next? Maybe I can plan my trip around that time.

I'll be in Guam from the 8th to the 24th of this month.