To people who think Rashad will steamroll Davis

It's one thing to peg Rashad as a favorite, but whole another thing to claim this will be a "gimme" for Rashad. I've seen a lot of comments like this. To those posters, could you explain your rationale?

Rashad isn't going to takedown a TDD stalwart in Davis. Davis is a better scrambler. Davis has better transitions on the ground. Davis is better in the clinch. Davis is bigger and stronger with better grappling stamina.

Rashad is quicker with better boxing, but those edges are mitigated by Davis' longer reach and his ability to maintain distance with kicks.

And what good are Rashad's hands when Davis just pushes Rashad against the cage & wear him out until takedowns come along easier?

I personally peg Rashad as a slight favorite, but I am not confident of that assessment at all. Why are people so sure of Rashad dominating Davis when matchup-wise, that's far from the case