To Protect and Serve...

A new section has been added to that honors the members of the MMA community who fight for pride in the ring, but also fight for our freedom on the streets of the USA and abroad. 

This section will feature Police officers, Fire Fighters, Military and anyone else who fits the bill.

This week's article is on The Mighty Joe Young who is shipping out on June 1, 2004.


Good idea. But please dont forget EMS/Paramedics. They often get over looked when anyone talks about Public service. I'm a paramedic myself.

Chris Herring

ttt for Mighty Joe Young

Helluva point!
Much like fighters, there are so many service professions that do their jobs for much more than money and we hope not to leave any of these professions out of the section.

Thanks for keeping us honest.




GorillaNation - Not to speak for MASSMMA, but in a lot of locations the ems/paramedics are usually firefighters and are run as part of the fire department. This is usually why they aren't mentioned. I'm not trying to start an arguement here and I agree 100% that anything honoring public service should mention paramedics - there are still a lot of places that have a seperate ems service, ran by hospitals, etc., and they should get just as much credit.