To Ray Floro and Marc Scott...

Hello Ray and Marc,

I apologize for not making it to the seminar today. I had every
intention of making it there. However, when I awoke this morning,
my body was not only tired and sore, but I also had a fever, chills
and a very sore throat.

I would like to publicly thank you for inviting me to your seminar! I
really wish I had attended. I am sure that the two students of mine
who attended your seminar had a great time! I will hear from them
next week.

Whenever you have seminars here in Southern California again, I
will make every effort to be there, that is, if you will have me.

Thank you again!


Roy Harris

No worries Roy..........I myself had a VERY high fever, and respiratory problems during my San Jose seminar.

My LA seminar was even worse the night before we were to meet, I was admitted to hospital with a severe case of food poisoning. It was only 5 hours before the seminar that they discharged me to be released (only upon my insistent) so I could not disappoint the attendees. I even had to take a sleep break in the middle of the seminar.

It was a pity you could not come, as we even had to turn away people who wanted to attend because we reached maximum capacity.

When I did my seminar in the Inosanto Academy, a few of Dan's students wanted to attend, but we had to say no because we thought everyone was going to turn up.

Anyway, hope you get over your cold, and we may meet each other next time around.........


Were either of you bitten by some strange acting bums lately?

No. Ray ate Dinuguan. hahaha!!!

Was a shame you didn't go Sir Roy. It was fun. Rolled with a sambo guy (Marc Scott) and a Judo/BJJ guy (damn forgot his name). I was telling them how you chestlocked Me, Rom Jr and Aaron.

Ray. You have to show these fencing maneuvers to Fatboy and his dad. Rom wanted to learn how to fence before, but he's always too busy w/ work.

Buti naman nagkita tayo! Salamat pare.