To re-evaluate the Side kick

Cung showed that a good side kick can be effective in MMA , though of course people will say the Frank was not that serious on the night . Regardless Cung landed the SK consistently all night.

Is this a new legit weapon in MMA ?

really ?

by who ?

the side kick has always been an effective weapon in MMA.

it's just like the spinning backfist, people deride it because it's "too traditional".

then Shonie fucked up Serra with it and now people take it seriously.

I don't think it should be your go-to move but it can be plenty effective.

If you don't have a good sidekick then your time is better spent doing other thiongs than developing one, but guys like Cung, who can probavly sidekick in their sleep allready, sure it can be effective.

sidekick to spinning back fist. now that's special

it's great until someone is serious about the takedown

How about a nice fast jab to SK - I love that one .

Le's hook kick/spinning backfist combo made a fan of me Saturday.

you mean someone like Robin?

Those sidekicks were the difference in the fight. He kept Frank totally at bay with them.

Once spinning back kicks started to work I kinda figured side kicks would be there too. Still not a bread and butter move IMO though.

Don Wilson was a master of the sidekick

Yeah, Don Wilson used to fight sideways and threw like 50 side kicks per round. It's completely exploiting a lousy rule system, but he was a wizard with it.

I think the side kick's a move that really hasn't been used enough. Not everyone's going to be Cung Le, but a full force one to the guy can send someone flying. Igor Zinoviev and Vladdy both floored guys with them.

As MMA evolves a little more, I think we'll see more of them, kind of like the spinning back-kick and back-fist. They'll never be as common as round kicks, but I bet within 5 years we'll see at least a few per night. One neat trick is to actually start a round kick motion and then go for the side kick extension. My striking is horrendous, but I used to always catch people with that. Thank you TKD lessons at age 10!

Spinning back kick to the ribs is good and a side kick to the thigh so you can nullify an attack so they walk on to it like an MT teep.... it is basicalLy a nillifier and range finder.... but the spinning back to the ribs if you stamp the heel in to the ribs.... that will end a fight!.... Benny The Jet used this very well... and who can forget that fight Salverary caught that kick....

If you use a side to the head you will get taken down imo... and there are better kicks for this... a side kick to the head I dont see working well unless it is a lucky freak thing.

I've only really thrown sidekicks off of missed roundhouse kicks, but I'm definately going to experiment more with them in training after seeing how effectively Cung used them.

They wont be a primary kick for me, but they will probably come in handy because I like to cut angles alot, giving me the perfect opportunity to deliver a sidekick to the ribs. I believe I've seen Benny the jet do this.

Benny also does a sweet double/triple sidekick.

Pat Smith used it very effectively even in the bare knuckle days. Igor Zinoviev even more so. Nothing new here; fighters use the tools they are comfortable with.

Joe Lewis had a pretty good side kick also.

The Green Hornet had the best sidekick. He would have trashed Robin if that fight had been real.