To Rich Franklin's credit...

He's still the only guy in the UFC to effectively strike Anderson standing. He hit Anderson a few times in their first bout before being annihilated like everyone else.

I know Cote, "lasted" against Anderson and Thales fought his ass off trying to get takedowns, but Rich is still the only guy to hit Anderson with solid shots.

 lol @ "masscured"!

Watch the fight again. He gets a couple in there. JDOLO are you a Cote nuthugger too? There's not enough room in your mouth for both GSP and Cote's nuts.

LMAO @ JDolo

Rich is a B level fighter
Cote is C level

Both lost, both looked outclassed.

People like Anderson, Machida, and Abbott exposed the rest of the field for what they are. B level fighters and worse.

BTW, we need Abbott vs. Kimbo.

 Rich is on his way to having one of the most impressive opponent lists in the sport.

anderson silva is the messiah reincarnate and mass-cured rich franklin and the entire arena of all their plagues.


Rich is not an A level fighter. B maybe B+ in my book and the reason is that he never took his game to that next level. Yeah, the guy is good, he fought well against Hendo and Wanderlei but the same holes that were there when he first broke into the scene are still present. Maybe a bit polished but certainly still present. And the thing is those weaknesses mainly concern what is considered to be his strength; i.e. his striking.