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As many forum members know I have been a very non-opinionated fighter. I have opinions, but opinions make enemies so I choose to keep them to myself. Most of you like to share your opinions, thus the reason you frequent the forum. In the matter of the Severn-Fulton work I have kept my opinion to myself. I wouldn't get on the forum and try to defend myself after what I saw what some of you said to such an accomplished fighter as Guy Mezger. I haven't got the patience to listen to some 15 year old hiding behind a screen name telling me I'm a pussy. Simply because no matter what I say the story will be turned around. The forum was very quick to judge Severn and I without getting our sides of the story. released the story without getting our sides as well. Some forum members suggested we get banned for life from the sport. There is nobody out there who has the power to do this. Yes maybe we should ban Travis Fulton from the sport. Afterall he is the ONLY fighter in the industry who has never backed down from anybody. I have accepted fights with tough guys who nobody has ever heard of. Guys who went on to become greats. I have excepted a fight the night before and drove 12 hours to fight. I have gotten out of a car and jumped into the ring after a 16 hour drive. I drove 15 hours because a fighter didn't pick me up in time to catch my plane to go on and fight a 15 minute fight with TK. I have fought with a broken hand for 2 years because I have not wanted to turn down fights. I fought fights when I wasn't even able to grab my opponent with my right hand, let alone hit them. Now some of you may trot along life thinking that you are somebody tough. That if anybody in the street messes with you they are in for trouble because you know Jiu Jitsu, or did some Muay Thai. Have you ever been hit by a world class fighter/puncher? Would you buckle under the pressure of knowing that you would be hit again? I have NEVER been beaten off track by a punch. Even the best fighters get side tracked when they get hit hard. I have tapped to punches once, and that was after 52 minutes of being hit bare knuckle by a world class wrestler who stood 5'7 245 pounds, and I was giving up 50 pounds. I can't think of person who wouldn't have given up after 5 minutes. Maybe Oleg. In short I have 97 wins in this sport. 97 wins having never backed down from a fight. Do you think I should be banned without knowing the truth behind everything that happened? As many fights that I have won and as many times as I have fought, I have never made an excuse for losing, and I have never not given my all. So after one fight in 130 matches you think I should be banned for something that you really don't know anything about. I think you should rethink your views on this sport and on life in general.

Well, lets hear your side of the story. What happend?


I'm still a supporter of yours. Don't sweat it.

ttt for the iron man

well said Travis. I know Frank has sent you an email inviting you down here anytime. I am sending it out to you personally. We would love to have you. We have more than a few big athletes down here that you would love to train with and they with you I am sure. I look forward to meeting you one day, Frank has nothing but good things to say about you.Rory Singer
The HardCore Gym/Pla Chalarm Muay Thai/Classic City Boxing
Athens, GA

Travis has stated publicly that he and Dan secrecty agreed - through Becky Levi - not to punch each other (see What was the agreement? "I wouldn't punch him. . .").There are over 5 people to whom he stated that, in addition, he agreed to let Dan win. More will be made public about that later.Travis got himself in hot water. He may have had a lot of fights, but the good he did for the sport could easily be outweighed by the damage from his agreeing to throw the fight against Dan.-Jeff Thaler

I hope everything is resolved for you Mr. Fulton as well as for Severn and Levi. I think it sucks that people started talking about banning and punishment, etc. without hearing your side. It just seems like bad judgement and bad relationships that are the cause of all this situation, but hopefully this doesn't put a black cloud on everyone's career.

All I know is if these men get banned. Then Beltfort and Joe Charles should get banned too.

Travis Fulton is correct.

whaledog. Vitor Belfort and Joe Charles agreed not to throw punches too. What is your point.

My point is that it is wrong to agree not to throw punches - whether Vitor, Dan, Travis, Joe or anybody does it.

Plus, Travis agreed to let Dan win by decision. That's a whole other level.


whaledog's point: 'What was the agreement? "I wouldn't punch him. . .").Plus, Travis agreed to let Dan win by decision.' not that i am agreeing with whaledog either, just clarifying what he was saying. i don't know enough either way to comment.

Travis Fulton, you have to realize there are over 30 000 members, you will always get some to support you and some against you. Also, so people have imped famous fighters, so a lot of people are cynical when a real fighter comes on.

On the night of the fight, Travis told more than 5 people that the fight was fixed. Those people are preparing signed statements to that effect. More about that later . . .


That is alot of fights, the only problem is, in people's minds, if this one was a work, how many of all those fights in the past have been similar??

I for one have only see you fight one time vs. Ricco in KOTC, and I know that wasn't a work, so as long as the fights i've seen haven't been works that's all i care about.

Fuck em, this forum is 99% pussies who have no idea of what they speak of.

BTW, the guy Mezger deal was a troll, it wasn`t really Guy,Guy comes here but this last time it was all troll.


TTT-you still have support here

ttt for every thing except defending mezger.