To The Guys That are Discouraged with the PWF

Don't leave guys. Hopefully we can get this forum back to where it use to be.

The PWF use to be the most polite and respectful forum on this site. Somewhere we lost our way and it has turned into a place to vent personal vendettas against fellow members.

I admit I got caught up into it on a couple of occasions, and it was wrong of me to get pulled into nonsense that doesn't belong here.

If you allow the guys that are starting shit to run you off, then they win.

Nobody has to agree with every thought, the best threads are made from different of opinions. We need to get back to debating issues and not openly being a dick to somebody that doesn't agree with you.

fuckin nerds

Halloween - fuckin nerds

You on the other hand can leave.

I agree with this.

I always pretty much just ignored it.

The worst you can do is reward these people (and we all know who they are) with attention.

DSaint - This forum WAS the shit, now it's just the drizzling shits and it's because of 1 or 2 dudes who think it's cool to take shit on a personal level.

Yeah, I never understood this. If you have gotten to this point over an internet forum, you seriously, seriously need to re-evaluate yourself. This isn't me trying to sound like I'm a big man or better than anyone else, it's me saying that these people have developed an actual problematic set of degenerate behaviors.

And who are you?

And D, we've always been square (I even remember you when you were young and rambunctious, lol) . I must have not seen the Gucci shit. Remember seeing the name, but he must not have had any worthwhile threads to remember him by.

so awesome not square, are you Squaredcircle? Or are you SANS?