To The Max Review

JC Santana put out this DVD for endurance training athletes. It's pretty good. Here's the review. Let me know if you guys have picked up this DVD or not.


J. Janero

Tri-IHP's "To the Max for the Endurance Athlete" DVD and companion guide is a project that has come out of the Institute of Human Performance (IHP) from owner Juan Carlos Santana and his long time director of trainer education Gary Lavin. IHP has trained many pro athletes in football and baseball; not to mention many combative athletes who've fought in UFC and Pride. IHP was the training base of a 2004 Judo Olympian, Rhadi Ferguson and many Olympic hopefuls. With this DVD, IHP brings their philosophy, which has brought them much success from the elite athlete to the de-conditioned. Now, they've created something specifically for the enhancement of endurance athletes and their performance.

This DVD and companion guide is a must for any personal trainer who wants to tap into a different market or the athlete who wants to get an extra edge. This is suitable for the competitive endurance athlete, the weekend warrior cyclist, or for that person who just wants to take a nice long walk. They've trained many athletes including Iron man and marathon runners using the approach developed from IHP; training movements not muscles. This is where traditional training meets functional training, by training our bodies to move efficiently and "train the way you live." Tri-IHP's is the best at using the multi disciplinary approach, which takes different modalities and various equipment to create diverse and dynamic training programs.

This DVD is broken down into five different parts: body weight training, stability ball, band training, medicine ball, and dumbbell training. As in all the exercises the DVD notes what to be aware of while a client or athlete is doing these exercises.

• Body weight exercises
- body weight and reaching lunge
- steps
- explosive body weight exercises
- upper body exercises
- push ups with progressions that lead into explosive push ups
- pulling exercises
- recline pull with jungle gym
- good ol' pull ups
- explosive recline pulls
- crunches
- sit ups
- V- ups
- anterior reach
*contra lateral pattern /with running mechanics
- posterior reach

• Stability ball
- wall slides
- bridges
- leg curls
- hip lifts
- pushing progression
- push up
- lower extremities on ball push up
- hands on ball push ups
- hypers
- reverse hypers
- knee tucks
- log roll
- skiers
- J strokes
- hip twist
- roll out

• Band training
- biomotor skills
- skipping
- running
- side shuffle
- lower leg progressions (e.g. good mornings and deadlifts)
- upper body pushing progression
- simultaneous band progression
- alternating band progression
- contra lateral presses
- epsi lateral presses
- flys
- upper body pulling progression
- simultaneous pulling
- swimmers
- 10 o'clock 2 o'clock
- hyperextensions

• Medicine Ball
- lower body progression
- squats
- lunge
- pushing progression
- push up
- unilateral push up
- walk over
- explosive push up
- pulling progression (using core ball w/ handles)
- bent over row
- explosive exercises
- basic throws
- convertaball
- side to side slams

• Dumbbells
- carry positions
- lunge
- reaching lunge
- dead lifts
- alternating presses
- push ups (w/ hexagon dumbbells for stability and wrist comfort)
- pulling progression
- rows
- cross upper cuts
- dumbbell complex
- dumbbell running

The DVD also includes dynamic exercises with special equipment that's great for every fitness and training facility to have such as:

• Toys
- slide
- balance board
- voodoo board
- dyna disc plus
- dyna disc
- extreme balance board
- glute and ham bench
- exciser
- Keiser functional trainer
- Keiser runner
- body blades (different sizes)
- rope
- super bands
- peg board
- jump ropes (also, weighted jump ropes)
- vibration training
- versa climber
- incliner trainer
- form roller and medicine ball for self myo-facial release

In closing, this is awesome! As you can see, there are over 72 standard protocols not mentioning the many progressions and modifications using IHP's philosophy of the four pillars of movement (e.g. level change, push/pull, rotation, and locomotive) and multi-planer movements (e.g. frontal, sagital, transverse) totaling well over 100 exercises. This DVD will definitely help people's running, biking, swimming mechanics, explosiveness all while "lighting up your core" and enhance overall athletic performance. Personally, this DVD is a combination of all my favorite IHP DVDs in one. It has helped me train endurance athletes and can benefit everyone especially the endurance athlete, who wants to get an extra edge.

Here are the DVDs you can check out at or

Bodyweight Training
Stability Ball Training
Band & Pulley Training
Medicine Ball Training
Dumbbell Training

This has gotten me so fired up I'll have review for these within the next month.

There is also BONUS footage on the "To The Max for the Endurance Athlete" DVD which gives you many fun and effective exercises that use the special toys and range from $30 - $5,000. So, regardless of where ever your budget might be JC brings you a way to train using cool toys and the IHP philosophy.

Does the DVD incorporate sample routines for an athlete? Does the DVD present sample routines for swimmers vs runners vs triathletes vs etc....?