To the Oger's who served in military.....

Do you have a military pension when you retire?

If yes how much?

Do you get free health care for life for you and family?

Doback M3 - 

I did 1 enlistment and got out.  I could have faked injuries like a lot do and get a "disability" payment but I had more integrity.  So I have nothing and get nothing from the military.


If you do 20+ years you get a pension and healthcare.  How much of a pension depends on years served and your rank.

My bro did 1 enlistment and was wounded in A-stan.  He gets a decent check and free healthcare for him and his familiy for life.

I thought even with 1 enlistment tough would get something. I thought there was certain hospitals that were designated for veterans and were free if you served.