To those defending Jones...

Why wouldn't you take the fight? Put yourself in his shoes. What would be your reasoning for not taking the fight? Don't derail the topic. Simply what reason would you give if you were in that position? Phone Post

Short notice.

Coaches told me not to. What's the point of having coaches if you don't trust them?

Maybe Greg is more to blame here. Not sure, really.

Deja Vu thread?

 short notice

coaches advice

loss in pay


Situation sucks all around, but not really Jones' problem. The fight game is dangerous and fighting Chael is a lose/lose for Jones. And when you fight a guy you have not really trained for you are asking for trouble.

Look at what happened to Victor Ortiz when he found a late replacement after Berto got popped. Josesito Lopez was smaller and not highly regarded. Ortiz ended up with a broken Jaw and lost a multi-million dollar payday against Saul Alvarez.

Hendo had the H-Bomb but he was not going to get within a zip code of landing it. Never displayed super impressive wrestling in MMA. Chael fights a completely different style and is a dangerous guy to face. Probably more trouble for Jones than Henderson (although I think JBJ still wins).

Not a great situation, but I cannot blame JBJ at all - and I am not a fan.

its disrespectful to other lhw's if he allowed chael to fight him

Less money. Phone Post

1.) Skeeeeered

2.) Jackson needs more time to devise a chickenshit gameplan