To those leaving the UG..

I don't think a week goes by without some pansy making a thread about how they are leaving the UG.

I just thought I'd give some advice to those who are thinking about doing so: DON'T!

First and foremost, no one really gives a shit and if they do then they ain't shit!

No one here wants to hear your whiny ass ramble on like you are breaking up with your girlfriend or some shit!

So you couldn't take all the trolls?? TOO BAD. If you didn't know this site was brimming with trolls from day 1 then that should tell you how much of an idiot you are.

Or did it take you 3 years to realize that this and every anonymous website is filled with trolls???

And if you really stopped caring about the UG so much then why do you need to write a 10 page letter saying why you're leaving?

To make a long story short, if you decide not to come back to the UG then ADIOS MUCHACHO!

Don't bother alphabetically listing the reasons why because we really don't want to hear your sob story!

Just silently ride off into the sunset like a good little cowboy.......


Ghost is leaving?? sheesh..........


Better Mouse Trap, please go cut some cheese....

*works on perfecting a better mouse trap to replace the mean one*

*stops writing farewell letter to UG*


*gets hair dryer to dry keyboard after spitting tea on it from 4 Ranges comment*

This post was not to Ghost specifically, but if the shoe fits....

*urges Ghost to imitate OJ Simpson & say "the glove does not fit"*


well said mayiwhoopu!

I like these long letters to the UG. I have no life though so they are one of the few sources of enjoyment that I have.

Well if it isn't that DUCKING LITTLE BIYATCH BIG TURD!!!!

What happened to your friend who would fly you ANYWHERE to fight me?? Did his frequent flyer miles run out, Pinochio??

You said you would come here to fight me and you didn't, which makes you a FUCKING COWARD.

Are you still going to talk to that PROMOTER you know in Oklahoma, Oregon, Omaha, Orlando, and Olympia to get our fight set up you LIAR??

Or are you still challenging BARONI to box you so you can show him who's boss(LMAO!!)??

It must be fun living in PHANTASY LAND, but I have a real life and a real job here in the real world.

Until next time talk to that friend with the airplane and we can meet at one of the MANY BARS in the area that allow amateur cage fights.

I'm still here in downtown Omaha at the address clearly posted on my profile for the world to see.

All you have to do is set a date and show up like you SAID you would last time but didn't!

But, I know that you would rather talk anonymously about how tough you are, so I won't waste any energy thinking about the IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

What a PUSSY!!!


As everyone can plainly see, BIG TURD doesn't exactly have a reputation for honesty!!

I'm not sure if it was his challenging BARONI to a boxing match or saying he would have his friend fly him out to fight me that crippled his credibility, but it sure didn't help!

BIG TURD, you list your occupation as 'OTHER', but what does an OTHER do?? Too embarassed to reveal that you are really an assistant crack whore?? Or are you the assistant to the assistant?

You also don't list any worthwhile information on your profile, which leads me to believe that you have something to hide.

I have been perfectly honest about who I am, what I do, where I live, my height and weight, and what arts I have taken because I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE.

Apparently you have ALOT to hide because you are a COWARD. And as you can see, the whole UG is aware of your LYING WAYS!


*gets out boxing gloves so these 2 can spar*

*puts on black & white striped shirt*

*practices saying "Are you ready"*

Dude, this thread topic is gayer than two guys having sex. Get a life...jeeezzz.

*tries to regain composure*

momita had me laughing so hard that my side hurts

The only thing that is gay about this thread is the faggot named BIG TURD!!!

YEAH, I'll bet your friend was ready to fly you anywhere to fight me!!!

You've been so truthful in the past that it's hard not to believe you!!

BTW, how did your boxing match with BARONI go??