To those saying:Whats the big deal about the brawl

To those people saying "Whats the big deal about the brawl" just wait till we see how this gets viewed by the mainstream media.

As someone who has followed the sport since 1994 and has seen the sport go through its ups and down as well as its battle to be taken serious the brawl is one of the worst things that could happen to MMA right now.

Especially with stupid comments coming from the commentary crew like "Sometimes these things happen in MMA" I really hope the MMA leaders (Fighters, Promoters, Owners and Presidents from all Organizations" come together and apologize for the idiots who took part in the brawl ON NATIONAL TELEVISION of all places.

Also if you really don't think this is UFC's problem keep in mind a vast majority of the people who will see this in the Media don't distinguish one promotion from the other. If they see two mixed martial artists going at it in a cage they will believe it happened in the UFC.

Lastly if you really don't think having a Brawl on National Television is a big deal and harmful to our sport as a whole (not just Strikeforce) then clearly you haven't been following the sport of MMA for long (I'm talking mid 90's and earlier) and/or are not a true fan of MMA. Maybe if you would have been a fan of MMA when the sport was almost dead and for example there where way more than double the threads/posts on the Otherground than the Underground you would understand.