To train or Not to train that is

The Question..I am currently going thru a second day of a sore congestion just a sore throat.. I don't feel top shape but I don't feel bad either..I am a nut about keeping my routine and am gonna flip out like a ninja if I don't train. Now even if I don't roll or box and get real sweaty maybe I can just lift some..whatcha think fellers thanx

get a few extra hrs of sleep. Whenever i feel like that I'll go to bed an hour or 2 early and get up an hour or 2 late. This has always helped me.

I'm a nut too about keeping my routine, but my wrist is fucked and I am taking the week off

Yeah.. a legitimate injury like a wrist is a for sure thing that you must stop training but a little wimpy cold like this?? nowaydo! ain't gonn happen.. I just don't want it to get any worse

I think you should still lift...just cut the work load in half. ie/ sets and exercises not amount of weight or half your usual conditioning time. It helps to up the water and calories a bit also

Thanx man I will take that advice and run with it?

Vitamins too man. Carrots and oranges. Lots of fluids.

thanx.. carrots?

They're an orange vegetable. Rabbits eat them.

You can squat with a busted wrist :D

Unless it was really busted.