Anyone a member?


I just joined about a few month ago at the urging of my boss.

While seemingly silly, it sits you down and makes you confront one of the biggest fears that humans constantly dread, public speaking. It a very direct avenue for self improvement if you have hesitancy with any kind of speaking, one on one or group.

Plus, there are some very interesting and successful people in the club who are generally extremely friendly and constructive.

It's like a gym that trains public speaking. Phone Post

I joined the last week of June and really dig it. I've done sales and public speaking, but not in a setting where there's someone tentatively listening to not only what you say, but how you say it.

Also, I love the table topics and the necessary thinking on the fly skills.


Worth it if you have the time.

I was always a confident speaker so i figured I'd get nothing out of it, but I received tons of great constructive criticism.