Tocchet to leave Aves

Looks like they're having more problems with Granato than they're letting on.

11:12 AM EDT, 06/24/2004
Tocchet may leave Avalanche

DENVER (AP) - Colorado Avalanche assistant coach Rick Tocchet may be leaving the team over differences with coach Tony Granato.

Tocchet called Granato a "great guy," but said he probably won't return for next season.

"Things will be settled, one way or the other, by the draft," said Tocchet, referring to this weekend's NHL draft.

Tocchet refused to discuss his plans should he leave the Avalanche. The Arizona Republic has reported Tocchet, a friend of Phoenix Coyotes managing partner Wayne Gretzky's, is a candidate for the team's head coaching job.

Avalanche spokesman Jean Martineau said Tuesday that no teams have asked permission to speak with Tocchet, who has one year left on his contract with a mutual option.

"Rick is very much still an employee with the Avalanche organization, but we have never stood in the way of an assistant coach who might have an opportunity to advance with another organization," Martineau said. "Our track record, with past assistants such as Bryan Trottier, Joel Quenneville and Jacques Martin, makes that clear."

Tocchet said he aspires to be an NHL head coach.

Avalanche assistant Jacques Cloutier is likely to return for a 10th season with the club, and general manager Pierre Lacroix has said Granato will return for his second full season. Granato has one year left on his contract.

I read this, its still possible that he will stay, but the avs stated that no one has called about him and that they would never get in the way of their personal moving out...their is also talk of the coyotes promoting an assistant coach...either way, Granato is still a decent coach, I am very curious is to what there differences are though.