Today Gilbert Yvel vs....!

Today Gilbert Yvel will take on Frenchman Cheik Kongo in the Amsterdam Arena (Holland). Also on the fightcard:

Irma "the Gladiatrix" Verhoeff Yoko Takahashi

Dave Dalgliesh VS Barrington Patterson

Dennis de Rus VS Perry Ubeda!!

Rodney Faverus VS Melvin Manhoef

Fatih Kocamis VS Dave Vader

Rayen Simson VS Leonard (thailand)

Alexey Ignashov VS Sem Schilt !!

Badr Hari VS Aziz Khattou

Fikri Tijarti VS Chris van Venrooy

Joerie Mes VS Pajunsuk

Gago Drago VS Stjepan Veselic

Lucia Rijker VS Deborah "sunshine" Fettkether

Regillo Aaron VS Ismael Kerzazi

Over here you can find a video of the press conference (mainly in Dutch) and later on the fights can be downloaded (kinda like pay per view; about €2,-- for a fight).

I just noticed: it will be €1,30 per fight.

ttt for results...

Let's go YVEL!!!!!I want to see him back in the bigs.The guy can hit like a mofo!

Alexey Ignashov VS Sem Schilt !!

Unfortunately, this one's not happening.

Alexey Ignashov is fighting on the Romanex card on Saturday in Japan. He's there now.

TTT for Chiek Kongo to KO "Eye Gouger" Yvel.

Correction ! - Looks like Ignashov vs. Shilt is indeed on !

Irma verhoef 76 kg wins by judges decision Yoko Takahashi 71 kg (MMA)

Gago Drago 72 kg wins by judges decision in a great match Stjepan Veselic 72 kg (Muay Thai)

Dave Dalgliesh 96 kg wins by knock out in the seccond round Barrington Patterson 109 kg (MMA)

Rayen Simsom 74 kg wins by judges decision Leonard 75 kg (Muay Thai)

Badr Hari wins by ko seccond round Khatou (K-1 veteran)

Btw about 120 pictures of the weigh in: httpp://

Fikri Tijarti VS Chris van Venrooy
Fikri Tijarti Winner by points

Next up Gilbert Yvel vs Cheick Kongo!

Gilbert beats Cheick kongo by ko in the seccond round!!

I guess that means Gilbert is coming back!

hopefully yvel will be back in the big shows. he may
not be the best ground fighter, but a match up with
cro cop or a rematch with vanderlei would be dope.

i'd also like to see him versus kharitonov, ninja or
anyone willing to trade with him.

how did rijker do?

thanks a bunch for doing results

Is Alexy really fighting today and then fighting Saturday.

I know the guy is probably the biggest badass in K-1 right now but this is insane.

He's got a tough man in Semmy, he will have a hard time using his best weapon.

Anybody know if elbows will be allowed in Alexy vs Schilt?

If so, Alexy has a very good chance of beating the Hightower.

There are no elbows allowed. And yes, Ignashov is fighting again this saturday.

btw Lucia Rijker vs Fettkether is going on now and I heard Fettkethers' face is pretty swollen.

It seems Fettkether is coming back strong in the 8th round.

Lucia Rijker vs Fetthetker:
Winner by points Lucia Rijker

Looking at the weigh ins, either Semmy is trying to bulk up or he just didn't take this one seriously...

Semmy is builking up. At least that's what his coach said a couple of weeks ago at

Fatih Kocamis vs Dave Vader
Winner by submission 1st round, 0:36