Today is my birthday.

Happy Birthday mate!
It's a massive step to change ways,
You're young and I wish you the best. Phone Post 3.0

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Song2 -
Buzzcut - Today I turn 23. I didn't drink yesterday, nor am i drinking today. I'm a little said I'm not drinking but everything is gonna be okay and this is for the better of me.

I've had a rough past year and luckily I have a caring family, which is trying to help me get my life on track.

Though I don't post much and I had my previous account banned, for reasons unknown to me, I just wanna say I'm thankful for this community.

Just wanted to put that out there. Phone Post 3.0
Merry fucking November fuckface!!!

Voted up and hope you enjoy it Phone Post 3.0
Thanks a lot brother. Phone Post 3.0
Glad to read above you are getting on track. I must say though the citizen comment reminded me of starship troopers

Would you like to know more? Phone Post 3.0
Yes please. Phone Post 3.0

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WorlynnLotD - Happy Birthday. How did your life get off-track Op.? Phone Post 3.0
Doing a lot of the wrong things. Drinking almost every day, losing my job due to my fuck ups at work, not really doing anything meaningful with my life. Felt really depressed and borderline suicidal. Called my uncle up which has always been there for me. Told him I felt like a failure and I needed his help and guidance.

Fast forward 3 months later and I'm sorta getting back on track. Finally became a citizen, got a part time job for now while I work on getting my drivers license. And hopefully I'll be back in school next semester. Phone Post 3.0
Been down that road acouple times op. Drinking probs are rough and having no job is hell, but like you said sometimes you can turn shit around in acouple months . Hope things keep getting better brosef. Vu Phone Post 3.0
YeH thanks man Phone Post 3.0