Today Show email Jihad

The Today show had a very negative and ignorant piece on MMA this morning (Monday the 9th of Feb), so I think we all need to send a polite email to voice our displeasure. Some of the more ignorant statements they made were:

The sport originated out of the movie Fight Club.

Bigger gloves would be safer.

Boxing and other sports are much safer (lets just forget about all those people who died in the Sydney to Melboure Yacht race a few years back and James Hird getting his face caved in, etc).

No one has died yet, but it is a matter of time.

There is no sportsmanship and all the fans are hungry for blood.

Headbutting and eye gouging were removed from the UFC rules SO THAT the sport would be accepted in Australia.

The regulatory body in Victoria has sanctioned the NHB Melbourne show so as to prevent underground Fight Clubs

Lets all do the sport a favour and send a polite email stressing the athleticism and skill required to compete in MMA, the lower rates of injury, the HUGE grassroots support, the fact that the fanbase is largely people who train/compete in the sport themselves, not ignorant rednecks looking for blood and violence.

The email is "" I don't know what the name of the piece was but they referred to the sport as NHB.

ttt and email sent