Today would've been Remy Presas' 77th bday

Today would've been the 77th Birthday of GM Remy Presas

Posted some great stories and cool quotes by him

He was great... and always so happy. 

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Remy was one of the first people that I know of to give "seminars".
He traveled extensively and always learned from the people he taught. Over a lifetime of teaching and training others
that produced an incredible mastery.

Remy would often tell people to keep their own
style of martial art and study Arnis as "the art within your art". So Modern Arnis was a way to learn "the flow", moving in and between patterns of motion and connecting different patters in a sequence. These patters could be large or small or varied in other ways.

Poster above says "He was always so happy". He did seem happy, but not in a foolish way.
He had a vibrant personality and charisma that could electrify a room.

His standing Jiu-Jitsu was second to none. Those locks hurt.

For me the most fascinating thing about watching him move was that he seemed to
be using his peripheral vision and insight of angles of attack and defense to always be
one step ahead.

Remy was a teacher of extraordinary skill. He would encourage you and convince you not only that you could do it, but that "you are doing it already".

RIP Grandmaster Presas!



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The Professor is greatly missed.

I always envied the guys who got to know him well.  I trained Modern Arnis under Lee Lowery and Brian Zawilinski in Middletown, CT for my entire childhood but didn't get to meet Prof Presas until I was in my teens.  I hit up as many seminars and camps as I could in New England, and when he was ill I scraped my pennies together (as a poor college philosophy major) and flew to San Antonio to go to camp again before it was too late (he didn't teach much at that camp, but ALLLLLL the black belts came out of the woodwork for that one).  I earned my Lakan from him at that camp, but sadly I never had the chance to train with him again afterwards.  I would've liked that very much.

The Professor was INCREDIBLE in seminar formats.  I learned a lot about teaching big groups from watching his approach and style.  What an amazing, charismatic, energetic man he was.