Today's Boxing Trivia

"He's punching holes in the walls,he's getting
ready to fight my guy,my little guy,and he's
punching holes in the walls...I just thought to
myself ohh no."

-Butch Lewis


So what happened with your fight with Mr.

Very good ,The typical Bully type. The last thing he
wanted was to actually be in a fight. Good job
exposing him

Geez, I know this guy was a french fighter either light or feather - he looked weird as hell after they redid his jaw. I won't cheat but his name just wont come up on my brain screen.

Great story about the football guy.

MattM - you are correct sir.

The answer to the other Tyson one... he said Smith stood on his foot and cracked the nail on his big toe, fucking up his movement!

During his career Gene Tunney pulled off many firsts.

Name the granite chinned heavy contender that suffered his first knockdown at Tunney's hands?

Name the perennial Light heavy contender and later heavy title challenger who suffered his first KO at Tunney's hands?

Tunney was known for his literary connections -

Name the famous playwright who was an ardent penpal of Tunney's?

Name the famous novelist who provoked Tunney by hitting him with a low blow at a dinner party - prompting Tunney to throw a punch within an inch of the author's face and say "Never do that again."?

MB 3 for 4. Outstanding!

Tom Heeney was a good choice but not the one I'm looking for. Think Tunney's pre heavy title run.

By the way Heeney used to spar with Hemingway.

From what I've read Ernie was somebody who needed a serious ass whipping about every week to keep him in check.

Ad Wolgast

Ad Wolgast v Joe Rivera

or are we talking about Rocky Balboa v Apollo Creed?

Hey Risko is another A level choice but the answer is

Bartley Madden, another tough mic. Tunney dropping Madden confirmed the idea he might have enough swat to make an interesting victim for Dempsey.

Battling Nelson must have been a nut job. I have never heard a story about him where he acts like a normal human.

from what I have read, Bartley Madden was a lot like George Chuvalo. Strong, durable, and dangerous if you didn't take him seriously. Not a top flight fighter though.

Johnny Risko was supposed to have been quite the prospect but he just never cracked the top spot.

Who was your uncle? How did he do against Madden?

Your uncle kicked ass! Just looking at his record and see some losses to very very respectable opponents like Gene Tunney (who i consider one of the greatest HW fighters of all time), Greb, Loughran, and Billy Miske.

Damn, MB that is way cool.

Share any stories - even if they are repeats - anytime.

Back to the trivia -

Bob Hope turned 100 today. He fought as a pro boxer.

What was Bob Hope's ring name?

What was his career boxing record?

Correct again,

Bob Hope aka Packy East scored a 1st round KO in his debut bout and suffered a 1st round KO in his second and final bout, leaving his record at 1-1.

If you can remember any of those stories, they would be greatly appreciated. Tunney was my role model as a kid. (except for the alcoholism) The way he combined being well read from exceling at a combat sport, never flinched from improvement through critical self analysis, set and met his goals, took charge of his own career, wasn't afraid to be a unique individual, loved classic drama, and quit when it was time. He impacted my life in many ways.

And yeah, I'm pretty clear on Tunney being a pompous ass. Hey, what can ya do?

Greb, Gene's polar opposite, has always fascinated me. I think if there is any fighter I wish I could have seen in person, it would probably be Greb. The tireless punch output of Armstrong and Pryor, the ruthlesness of Fritzie Zivic, the wildness of Ketchel, the cool ring brain of Corbett. What a badass.

I think Greb would have been a kickass MMA fighter.



Q:Who was the last fighter to defeat Dempsey prior to Jack taking the title.

Q: What was the illegal blow that KO'd the original Non-pareil Jack Dempsey and what is it called today in MMA?

Q: What was the nickname of the original Joe Walcott?

Jim Flynn? If it was, I believe the fight was a fix.

Dunno. The Keith Hackney nutcracker maybe?

The Barbados demon.

Here's more: -

What was Dempsey's nickname in his early days and what part of his bloodline was said to be responsible? (stay out of this one Martin and give the youngsters a chance :o))

WHat is the real name of JERSEY Joe Walcott?

Who said "Mike Tyson's right - he hits like a fucking mule kicks." and about whom?

Here's a REAL difficult one...

"I take good care of my people. I can reach deep down inside them and inflict permanent damage."

Nane the fighter who said that. One more clue - his brother gave Mike McCallum his nickname.

U4EA -

Correct - the Welter Walcott was the Barbados Demon.

Incorrect - The blow was called the Pivot Punch and
today it is known as the spinning back

Incorrect - Jim Flynn's KO in 1 of Dempsey was the Manassas Mauler's only KO loss fixed or no but his last loss prior to winning the belt was a fat boxer who gave him fits every time they fought.

Care to try again?

Hint on U4EA's Dempsey question - a juvenile + dark shade

U4EA - Would that quote be by Bruce Curry?

Less successful, but highly entertaining vs Monroe Brooks, brother of Donald Curry?

Similar build/height to Sam Langford, yeah?

The definitive answer would be from
Slapsy Maxy Rosenbloom

he never closed his fist and he was all thumbs.

I forgot just how short Walcott was - "The plane boss the boss"