Today's lecture - Micro Agressions and the Male penis

So today, I was gifted with learning about how I as a male need to be more aware of possible micro aggressions I may be perpetrating in the work place.


You white primate!!

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You should tell them ain’t nothing micro about it now that you got your covid shot

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You see, as a man, I have a penis and that seems to be the problem.

i asked if trans men without a penis also should be worried about micro agressions but I was assured that trans men do not perpetrate micro agressions.

I asked why that is and the answer I got was basically “because penis.”


Cap’n what if you go trans but retain your penis? Capable of microagressions or nah?
Wokism is hard.

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Despite being the 3rd blackest man in Canada, I am still too white to get special status and also…I’m a man…sooo…yeah…penis…


3 inches more baby!

When I get my second shot I will be packin’ a shotgun!

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I did not ask that.

I suspect that if a guy goes trans the fact that he hates their penis means that they cannot micro agression?


just tell them you are trans woman who identifies as a straight gay male and do not back down

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That sounds complicated…

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Go leave a birds nest in the ladies room. Show them your on a macro level

We had a meeting a while ago.

The new boss wanted to talk about making “all-gender” washrooms.

I asked what that meant.

They said a bathroom that all genders can use no matter what they identify.

I said that all our bathrooms are single person bathrooms that anyone regardless of their sex use so aren’t they already all-gender bathrooms?

They told me no, we have to put a sign up and then they are all gender bathrooms otherwise people won’t know they are all-gender bathrooms.


LOL this is spectacular.


At what point do you walk away from all this shit?

For you OP, a more accurate title would be:

Male aggressions and the micro penis.


I was forced to watch a video on micro aggressions that in no way limited them to only men. I think you must be taking a special course.

What about Macro-aggressions?

You don’t have to worry about those…

i believe the word in that tense is Microagress

come at me bro

pulls out penis

You should ask,
“Would calling you an idiot be considered a micro aggression?”

When I find another job.

Unfortunately I have to eat a bit because my Wife is still not at work and I can’t go without a paycheque to put a roof over our heads until she is working and I can leave.

She also has 5K a month chemotherapy medication she is still taking that my work covers so it’s not like I can just walk away…yet…