Today's lecture - Micro Agressions and the Male penis

OP, your main problem is thinking that women actually control your life.


I think I will pass on any advice from you.

That sounds like you are currently being micro-aggressed. Don’t be such a pussy.

Thanks for the support, Fu…

Sure thing, champ.

requires a bigger penis?

Actually this one isn’t so dumb. People are stupid. I see one person bathrooms labeled male and female all the time. I ignore these signs because they’re meaningless but most people don’t. This idea could speed things up for people at your job.

Hopefully one day, men and women will poop side by side in unisex bathrooms, but until then, this is a start.

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None of our bathrooms have male or female signs in the first place.

In fact, they don’t even have signs that say “Bathroom.”

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In that case, a bathroom sign should be put up. And it should be a unisex sighn if anything.

Side by side in stalls, you heathen.

pansexual… you micro aggressor

Our offices are not open to the public.

Everyone knows where the bathrooms are.

What about visitors?

Your leader is clearly signaling his virtue, but it’s not a completely terrible ide.

So you have a small amount of aggression?

Due to confidentiality under PHIPPA regs we cannot have visitors in this particular area.

In the visitor areas we have single use bathrooms that are labelled “Washroom” for anyone to use.

The reason that the boss wants to put all-gender signs up in Staff areas is in case Staff are closeted so that we can support them emotionally if any when they decide to come out or are unsure of their own gender.


I dunno.

I have a lot going on.

I don’t know if i have time to be aggressive.

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If he actually said that, he is a faggot.

I wish I could say I was lying.

This is the same boss who when they were hired immediately wanted to have their boss (The executive Director) reprimanded by the board of directors for having questions in the interview that they felt were sexist.

When they disclosed this to me I suggested that perhaps doing this in the first month of their new job while still on probation might not be the best time to lodge that complaint.

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