Todays PFP List

1) Roy Jones

2) Bernard Hopkins

3) Floyd Mayweather

4) James Toney

5) Eric Morales

6) Oscar de la Hoya

7) Winky Wright

8) Kostya Tszyu

9) JMM

10) Manny P.

Solid list. Only changes I'd make are Pacquaio at #9 and Cory Spinks at #10.

IMO you could make Toney #2 very easily. At 190 or below, the only guy who can beat him is Roy Jones. I think he would have beaten Bernard if they had fought in a classic fight. Toney has skills most boxers only dream about. With his combination of defense, offense and chin, Toney is just flatout a great fighter. What is so funny is Roy used to catch more shit about his competition but he has easily defeated the other two most talented guys on the list. He has beaten TWO all time greats easily.

The one choice on my list that is shaky IMO is Eric Morales at #5. That may be a stretch bhut the guy is such a warrior and has never really lost a fight, I think he deserves some props.

I cannot put Spinks on just yet. I think he is very skilled but I was not nearly as impressed in his performance vs mayorga as many were. If he looks really good against Zab he will crack my list probably.

I think the winner of manny JMM will shoot up a few spots. If manny wins impressively, he has to go up. Anyone remember when HBO was pumping Ledwaba and he was showcased on HBO and manny was his opponent? manny beat the living crap out of him.

I remember that. They were high on Ledwaba after he was on the undercard of Lewis Rahman 1. I also remember that after Pac beat him the very next show Merchant said Pac was top five PFP.

1. Roy Jones Jr.

2. Bernard Hopkins

3. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

4. Kostya Tszyu

5. Winky Wright

6. Oscar De La Hoya

7. Erik Morales

8. Cory Spinks

9. Manny Pacquaio

10. James Toney

Very tough to come up with, but obviously, I gave the undisputed champs special consideration. It doesn't feel right to have Oscar on the list and not Mosley, but Shane has only won one fight in, what - two years? That's just not good enough to stay on the list after a tough loss.

1. Roy Jones

2. Bernard Hopkins

3. Floyd Mayweather

4. James Toney

5. Erik Morales

6. Cory Spinks

7. Winky Wright

8. Manny Pacquio

9. Oscar De La Hoya

10. Vernon Forrest

***I would have Tszyu at number 4 but he's been inactive way too long.***