Todays Trades

OK...lets stick to TSN confirmed trades for now guys

So far the avs are the only active teams:

Team Acquisition
6th Round Pick (2005)


Team Acquisition
2nd Round Pick (2005)


Chris Gratton?



This man will lead you to the promised land?Mark

Excellent pic Mark.

Although, I think as long as Salo is a BACKUP, he is OK.

The word around the NHL is they are looking to replace Abby as the starter.


lmao@that pic

Rangers trade Greg DeVries to Ottowa for Alexandre Giroux and Karel Rachunek.

Rangers pick up Sandy McCarthy(BOS) and Mike Green(FLA) as "warm bodies" off of waivers.

Ruscinsky to VAN(likely) or Dallas (with Poti, less likely) or St. Louis.

Francis to TORONTO

I am assuming that is salo in the pic???so how long ago was it taken oh and Abby is still the Starter, and Salo will make a good backup

amd Bhamil beat me to it

Francis, Sean Hill and Arturs Irbe from CAR to TOR for Kaberle and a mid level prospect or pick.

*edit* It appears it may be Francis for a conditional pick, and Hill/Irbe going to NJ.

Three way.... Buffalo, San Jose, Boston...

Jillson to Buffalo, Curtis Brown to San Jose, Brad Boyes to Boston.

And guys... its just Francis for a 4th round pick

I editted, sorry for jumping the gun!

Ruscinsky to Van at the deadline

when is the deadline at?? 4pm est?

I understand it as Ruscinsky for a prospect and a pick, but i don't know details yet.

Deadline is 3pm est, but deals will be announced for at least another hour, maybe two.

Karpotsev to NYI for a 4th.

Grier to BUF for Klepis.

Lots more to come.

*edit* appers to be Rosie to VAN for 2nd round pick (2004) OR RJ Umberger, and Martin Grenier. If I remember right Grenier is a big face breaker who i wanted the NYR to draft. I believe he went to MTL in the second rnd a couple of drafts back. Rangers now have about seven second rounders between 04 and 05 drafts, plus two firsts in 04. I sense a trade up for Ovechkin.

OTT sends Hnidy to NAS for a 3rd.

Savage to STL for future considerations. Rumor that he can be returned at the end of the season(!).

Colombus' Pirjeta to Pittsburgh for Holzinger.

"I am assuming that is salo in the pic???so how long ago was it taken.."


Spoken like a typical, clueless Avs "fan". You guys still boo icings?