Todays Trades

Canucks snagged Rosie for Grenier and RJ Umberger.Umberger was still unsigned from being drafted in 2001 and was headed back into the draft this year anyways.Grenier is a big mean dude, but isn't a great player, and was on the farm anyways so it's nice to see we got him for basically nothing. Canucks also picked up Sanderson off Columbus for a 3rd rounder, and also got Marc Bergevin off Pittsburgh for some added depth and experience at defense.

Hay many fucking times do I have to tell you that I don't live in colorado, and have never been their either

I dont think he said anything about you living in Colorado. You could boo icings and be an Avs fan while living in Tennessee, or hell even Japan.

Do you know why Tommy is wearing that yellow jersey with the 3 crowns on the front?

"I don't live in colorado, and have never been their either"

oh jesus... a bandwagon fan of a whole team of bandwagon fans.

"I'm an old school Avs fan... since way back in '98"


Umberger wasn't going back into the draft, he was going to be UFA. VAN would have likely been awarded a 2nd rounder for losing his rights. NYR already have a deal mostly worked out, RJ will be in Hartford by tonite or tommorrow, in two years VAN will be kicking themselves for lowballing Umberger. Rosie will be UFA at years end as well. In fact all but two of the players dealt by NYR are UFA at years end. All of the prospects and picks they got for these guys were basicly "free", NYR only having 13 games worth of contract left on those players.