Todd Cutler Florida?

anyone know if he still trains or fights?

are you being a dick, or do you just not see the thread title?

I have known Todd for several years (we are both from West Virginia).

Last I heard from him, he was trying to get some fights and was traing with Rich Crunkilton.

However, that could have changed, as when he first moved to FL, I heard he trained with Din for a short time & then to Gracie Barra.

Sorry, I can not be of more help.

If I may ask, why are you wanting to know?

I have somewhat updated contact info for Todd if you need it. He was supposed to fight in the last AFC but did not.

That is what I heard.

He was going to fight in a small show I was doing, but I could not find him a match in time.

I remember him being in the UFC a long long time alternate match I think.


Wrong Guy!!! He has only fought MMA once or twice.

he was a no show for me last year!!!

RC Stevens was a no show.

he no showed at the WEF in Ohio in 2002.

While we are on the topic of "NO SHOWS", I had no idea he had done this soo many times since the first time.

See, the reason I know Todd is that he was train at our school about 4 years ago, and he really wanted me to find him a fight.

I went out of my way and got him in a tourny that paid $500 + title to the winner (not bad for your first fight ever IMO!)

So, he was training and "trying" to cut weight all the way up till the day we are supposed to leave for IN. The day we are supposed to meet at the school, he was no where to be found. SO, like the dumbass that I am, I was thinking "he must have wanted to get a early start and has already left!"

So, I drove 7 hours (one way) and got a hotel in Columbus, IN.....and Todd was not there! HELL, he never even made his hotel arrangments (which I was told he did). And I had no reason to belive that he was going to NO SHOW, as he was busting his ass just the night before.

Since then, Todd and I are not friends but he has apologized (he climed he had family issues). However, the only reason I was going to let him in the show a few weeks ago was because he conntacted me.

I had no clue he had NO SHOWED so many other shows. For some one that wants to make it BIG, he sure as hell does not want to fight.


hmmm, so he has a history of no shows eh? that sucks

Interresting he was schedule to fight at the last AFC show and guess what? He was a no show deu to injury

3t for more info on Cutler

Todd seems pretty committed to fighting June 26 here in BAton Rouge. I was supposed to fight him, but he let the promoter know today that he was a bit heavy and couldnt make weight. No problem, he let everyone know in plenty of time. He said he still wants to fight, so they are still trying to match him with someone a little heavier.

that's a lot of no shows

carlao: call me

Werent there several opponant changes right before the AFC for todd cutler. Then at the last minute it was changed to a champion kickboxer.

that was fast :)