Todd Kenueke VS CM Punk Petition

Some of you may or may not know who Todd Kenueke is. Neither do I, however, he is known on the streets. He is the same age, height as CM Punk, plus he has tiny lightning fast hands.

Please Dana make this fight happen! It's really the only one that makes any damn sense.

Signed. Phone Post 3.0

Lighting fast hands! Phone Post 3.0

There was a thread about him years ago. Weird iirc.

It really would be a fun fight, no vendetta against CM or Todd.

Both are near the same skill level, age, weight, etc. neither has an army fight on record. Who else would CM even be able to fight? Take away Todds medication and this could be a fun fight! Phone Post 3.0


Todd finally gets to prove his skillz against an elite UFC fighter..... And he might win!

WOW, OP has Deathwish for Punk!!!

Todds JKD is the closest thing to Bruce Lee we could possibly see in the Octagon. Phone Post 3.0