“Toddler’s heart ‘ripped in half while under care of mom’s boyfriend

Another one for the “some lives don’t matter” file:

The coroner ruled Aiden died from blunt force injuries to the chest, calling the death a homicide.

Aiden suffered a fractured sternum and his heart “was ripped in half,” according to the affidavit. He also suffered a “massive amount” of blood loss to his spleen, kidney and pancreas.

I wouldn’t leave my pet rock with this guy.


Could have been Obama’s son.


No place among the living for those who hurt kids.


There’s an update, the perpetrator was…

…granted bail

I dont know why i keep clicking on these threads when its about a young kid

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Fuck. I know it’s tough guy talk, but give me 5 mins alone with him.

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Not only the news pisses me off, but they granted that monster bail?!!

Makes you better understand why lynching might exist…

Yet the people who trespassed on Jan. 6th are still in jail being abused by black guards.

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That is all kinds of fucked up. How people do these things is incomprehensible. How the fuck did he make bail?