Toes to the eye...

So after this happened to me this past weekend in sparring it has me thinking...

In short, I was doing some kickboxing sparring and my partner threw a head kick and his toe "eye poked" me just like someone accidentally does with open finger gloves.

So what I keep wondering is, if you kick to the head and your toe goes in your opponents eye do they get a few minutes to recover the same way with finger poke? I guess this goes for round and front kick as it could happen on either. Phone Post 3.0

You can`t be serious.

I don't see why not.

An eye poke is an eye poke. It shouldn't matter what they poked you with. Mike Winklejon lost a fucking eye to a toe poke, so they are clearly just as dangerous as any other kind of eye poke.

Well no, because you don't paw at you opponent with your foot. If a toe hits your eye during a head kick I think that would be similar to getting thumbed by a punch. Shitty luck but not stop and break worthy. Phone Post 3.0

A guy I know won his first amateur mma fight by a head kick that caused his toe nail to split his opponent's eyebrow open. He was getting lit up quite a bit before that kick happened. Phone Post 3.0