Tokyo Dome?

Hey guys- this is a really easy question and Im sure it will be answered really quickly, but could someone please tell me where the Prides take place ? I am pretty sure it is in Tokyo- but I want to know specifically what area of Tokyo and the name of the arena.

Also-- what is the name of the legendary Judo guy who taught Helio Gracie judo, which Helio then altered into BJJ? (please correct me if I am wrong about this). And was he Japanese? Does anyone know the full story behind this? Also where can I find out about martial arts and Japan -- my main question about martial arts and Japan is what is Japan known for mostly in terms of martial arts-(ie would this Judo dude that taught the Gracies be a huge accomplishment in terms of the history of Japan and martial arts?? or is there something Japan is known for even more in terms of martial arts?
Thanx guys -- sorry for all the questions at once :(

Also did the Japanese invent Judo?

The largest Pride events, like the Grand Prix Finals, take place at the 70,000 seater Tokyo Dome which is in Suidobashi and a major city landmark.

Pride most commonly holds events at the Saitama Super Arena which is about a 45-minute train ride north of Tokyo proper and is much smaller than the Tokyo Dome, but still pretty large by absolute standard with a capacity of 20+.

In addition to Tokyo, Pride will run one or two shows a year in a smaller market such as Osaka, Nagoya or Fukuoka.

thanx plenty-- so Suidobashi is a city on its own separate from Tokyo then?

Tokyo is not a single city - it is a metropolis, with lots of mini cities over a large area. Suidobashi is a suburn within the Tokyo area.


vodka, about the Gracies' teacher check out

Judo came from various styles of jiujitsu, which in turn were derived from Chinese wrestling (shuai chiao) and locking (chin na). the groundfighting seemed to be a Japanese thing though