Tokyo real estate

Hi there,

I am a real estate developer by trade. Due to my love of mma & Japan I
would like to buy a house just outside Tokyo at some stage. Ive been
to japan about 6 times in the last few years.

I understand that the housing market in japan is declining. I was
wondering whether it would be possible to buy a reasonably sized
appartment within commuting distance of tokyo for around


What are the best japanese estate agent websites (english language).

I appreciate that if i were to buy in japan I would have to establish
some good contacts who were bi-lingual to ensure I get a good deal.

I just posted on this forum because I thought i may be able to get a
general idea of prices.

thank you

Do you wanna buy to develop and make a profit?

You can get a house within a "reasonable" commuting distance of Tokyo for 50 million yen or so.

Housing as an investment (if that is indeed, what you are looking at), from what I know:
Most houses are a declining asset (a 20 year old house is worthless as a building, generally speaking)
If the land does appreciate, capital gains tax will kill you.

It's been a while since I looked at it, though, so maybe things have changed (I once considered buying a house in Japan).

Sorry for the cut and paste links, but here goes:

At least one person has a different idea on how to purchase a house, though it wouldn't be in the Tokyo area:

Some quick overviews with very general info:

A dated (1988) article on capital costs and taxes:

Speaking of capital gains taxes (section 5 in the following):

For an explanation of this quote: "The fact is that a house is not an asset with durable value in Japan", then see:

I'll assume, though, that as a real estate developer you know a heck of a lot more than I, or maybe just want a second home, so without further ado here are some real estate sites:


so u would like to buy the whole thing in cash or u need a loan? as a
foreigner still possible but difficult...depends on the bank....a coworker
who joined our securities firm was turned down for a loan from the parent
bank..can be very hard without a japanese spouse

good luch..good time to buy i guess

check the area"Saitama"
its pretty much suburban area.
lots of people commute from Saitama to Tokyo.