Told you all about Kevin! and was

almost right about Coleman. Take back your shit talk, haters!

As a fan I thought I liked Mirko more, I like both guys for sure, but as soon as it started I wanted Kevin to win but maybe that was because I was pretty damn sure he wouldn't. If he's on, he's going to be a problem.

Kev will lose to Fedor, Schilt, Nog and Herring.

Kevin would destroy Shilt & Herring.

I don't see how he could avoid the submission against either of the other two, though.

ttt We'll see! That's why it's mma!

great call. I thought he was gonna get mangled.

Yeah I liked how he went for the kill like Cro Cop would have if he had had he chance. lol

big win for him, no doubt.

Awesome win, but lucky nevertheless.

Hammerhouse needs some serious rearrangement in their training/instruction- just like Coleman said in his post fight interview.

These guys are world class wrestlers who have been in MMA for many years. They should both be BJJ black belts by now, but always seem to get submitted.

Kevin will get tapped by Nog or Fedor.

just shows Saku still has a spark

Well, honestly I am not training with the team anymore and have not talked to him since last fall at the last Hammer House Cage Fighting show I was at. I am still a huge fan and support Mark, Kevin, and Wes in everything they do. They opened alot of doors for me when I started in this business. I think Kevin will have a much harder time with Fedor, but he has a good chance there too. What if he wins the whole fucking Grand Prix? What do the haters say then?

Matt, don't worry what the haters say. They will always be around hating on someone.

Are you coming back to L-town for the next Hammer House event? I got you another drink if so!

Continued success in the cage, bro.


I really like Mino, but if Kevin wins the whole thing, I'll still be really happy.

"wes=choad and not worth a comment on.

randleman=genetic freak that can get lucky now and again

coleman=past prime,better in primative years of MMA. Too stubborn to learn submissions or lose muscle mass to be more well-rounded agile fighter"

You forgot chooch1974=keyboard warrior

lol, @ this thread. You were "almost right" about Coleman? You're bragging about being wrong now?

And didn't you say Simms was going to beat Mir both times?



"I get paid to be a keyboard warrior"

It's jacknuts like you that make fighters not want to bother coming on this site and posting. Keep up the good work, assclown.

"Kevin would destroy Shilt & Herring."

LMAO @ that!!! Kevin would be stuck in Semmy's guard getting punched in the face repeatedly.

"just like the other mindless rabble who got stuck in that pyramid scheme"

Hilarious! Pyramid schemes rock :)!!!

"It is was VERY bold to actually publically say that Randelman was going to win."

Not if you say it EVERY time he fights. Hell, you're bound to be right eventually.

Not a comment on Kevins skills and strength(I think he may be reaching his peak,actually) just on Matt's and law dog's consistancy.

PS Wes needs to stay in Kev's corner and watch how it's done for a while. ;)

Matt Horning ,

Tell us why you left HH.