Tom Atencio meets with Dana White! (vid)

Tom Atencio wants Dana to lend him a fighter to fight Fedor!!

Help from a blue name please!

I liked it.

Thank you sir. Probably spent more time making this than I should have. Oh well. I got a chuckle out of it!

Would someone please embed this for me. The site is very slow!


ty wolfcastle

lame. Nice try though

 Tom Atencio will be Dana's bitch faster than the light of day is they hook up to do business.  This will be interesting, lol.

FloridaStriker - lame. Nice try though

FloridaStriker - lame. Nice try though

Oh well. I thought you guys would like it. Kinda wished I hadnt wasted the time making it now!

I wanted to hate it...but I laughed anyways.

 thats actually kinda funny.

lol! I thought it was funny.

dammit double tap




Herring In A Fur Coat -  Would have been funny if the characters looked like Atencio & Dana

Jesus Christ dude. Sorry it wasn't good enough for you. I only spent 45 mins a my very valuable time making this for you guys and your upset the characters dont look like Tom and Dana!!

I redid the video. Here is the link if someone will embed it for me.