Tom Brady life coach Alex Guerrero. Legit?

I listened to him on the Adam Schefter podcast today. He talked about overcoming “negative neuromuscular responses” (he claims he can get rid of them 50% faster than anyone else, meaning that an athlete can return to play in half the usual time). Essentially, he says the body responds to the way that you think and what you teach it.

Quotes from Guerrero:

“When you’re injured or experience pain, your body stores that traumatic experience within its muscle memory.”

“We get rid of the brain’s ability to store that negative muscle experience and we program it to a new one… we give it a new traumatic experience, but the traumatic experience we give it is doing its (desired) action.”

He repeatedly mentioned keeping muscles “long and unrestricted,” which sounds a helluva lot like stretching. He also talked about nutrition, psychology, love of winning and working hard.

Guerrero is described as Brady’s spiritual guide, trainer, nutrition advisor, message therapist and business partner. He’s also worked with LaDainian Tomlinson and Willie McGinest.

So what are your thoughts on this guy? He’s not really talking about anything innovative or groundbreaking. Is he really the key to Brady’s longevity in the NFL? Or is that due to freaky genetics or something more nefarious?

I mean, it helps when your client is arguably the greatest QB of all time.


Sounds like a bunch of bullshit but I’m no expert.

I hope this thread doesn’t turn into a debate on whether Brady is the GOAT. He is. I’m not even a fan but he’s head and shoulders above anyone else to ever play the position.

But he’s playing at an elite level at age 43 (he turns 44 in August). It’s really unheard of in the NFL.

How much credit for that does Guerrero deserve is my question.


Doesn’t want thread to turn into a debate about a player

Starts off debating and lays out his argument for said player

LOL dude that isn’t how you avoid a debate

Brady is great, it is a team game…some of the best qbs of all time don’t even have a ring

As for Alex? I think you have to give him some credit, he keeps tom in a good mental place and he does recover from injuries really well.

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Obviously Brady still being no. 1 at his age is extremely impressive but if you had some guru that could keep somebody at the top into late 30s and early 40s in a position that relies a lot more on raw athleticism it would be a lot more impressive.

There’s a reason you don’t see no 1 running back or tennis player being late 30s.

Roger Federer would like to have a word.

He’s not the player he was even 2 years ago.

Maybe not, but he’s still among the best in the world. Although I think Nadal will be better getting older.

Nadal’s knees won’t hold up.

We can have armchair debates about this, but if the Alex guy is so good, why doesn’t every top player who is looking to extend their career, who have millions of dollars and their legacy at stake, working with him?

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FWIW my OG opinion is that if other QB’s could deflate footballs like he did, they would have had longer and more successful careers as well.


If you have the money, the time and an open mind, I think a good life coach can be beneficial.

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Guerrero said he and Brady started TB12 performance centers to they can help others achieve the same success.

Found this article that reveals some shady practices by Guerrero:

Guerrero’s methods, however, are not always laudable. People who stayed up with the television on in the early ’00s might remember Guerrero for his Supreme Greens infomercials. The spots often aired in the form of a fake talk show in the wee hours of the morning. In them, Guerrero made outlandish claims about how his products and methodology cured everything from common ailments to cancer.

Guerrero came under fire for claiming himself to be a doctor without actually being one. In short, Guerrero was accused of selling people on what they wanted to hear instead of reality. He’s become a controversial example of the dangers that come with entrusting someone without any expertise. However, in Brady’s case, the quarterback maintains that Guerrero is a key to his longevity, and he’s never fully separated himself despite a growing list of problems.


probably paid a lot and some deal where he only helps tom and teammates

Something is fishy with him no doubt…but limber tommy is still pretty good

IMO he has never been the best QB in the league at any time…but he grinds and has won a shitload of games due to his skill, his teams, and his coaching…and a lot of help from the NFL at times

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he is legitimately his boyfriend if that is what you mean


He’s a quack and a piece of shit.

Anyone who preys on desperate people suffering from cancer, AIDS, and other deadly ailments by selling them snake oil as a cure can fuck themselves with a rusty chainsaw.

And Brady knows all about his past but thinks it’s a “grey area” so he can fuck himself to death too.

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Ido Portal is still real though, right?


Hes a POS and a big reason why there was friction between Brady and Bill B.

Brady demanded that Alex has access to him at all times and that included time in the locker room where other players were there doing their thing. While there it was said Alex would try to get other players to buy his services. So instead of having their own private time they had some dude in their face trying to sell them on shit. This pissed off some players that they had to see a salesman up in their face everyday. Who wants to see that. Not just that but that Brady was the only one who got his guy to have access to all areas of the facility. Other players have people on their staff too but only Alex got this special treatment.


Brady has never been the best qb? Are you serious?
That said I think the stretching, diet and Not lifting weights in the traditional way has prolonged his career .

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