Tom Brady life coach Alex Guerrero. Legit?

Barry Bonds was the only guy in the locker room who had his own recliner.

At this point if Brady said drink colloidal silver is the main reason he can play at his level for this long people would buy that shit up, me too!

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As legit as Joshua Fabia


That’s simply is a lie. That was made up by the press to make Barry look bad.

Here literally is a pictures proving it’s a lie. I can’t believe people actually believed that story when there is proof that it was BS to go alone with the fact it would require a multi-Billion team to not give their Multi-Million athletes recliners. Its not like it would break the bank.


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Maybe Barry had his own and the others were communal.?


Sort of like “dad’s recliner”? That would make sense IMO.

Works for Brady but Brady is super disciplined.
Will it work for anyone else? We don’t know.

Possibility. It’s not something easily proven to be a lie like what the media said that Barry was only one with a recliner. My point is that while Barry hated the media that hate was a 2 way street and as they made up stores like the recliner incident.

Fact is everyone player has a recliner to sit in. Was Barry’s locker close to that recliner? Yes. Did Barry like Recliners? Yes. I mean who doesn’t?

People were saying that 10 years and 10 grand slams ago!!!

This is just a different era for tennis players. These guys will be playing until they are 40 if they want to.

Some of it might have been Jeff Kent too. The two had beef. And I’ve heard often that Kent was the source for a lot of the “bad teammate Barry” stories.

So who’s to say.

If this guy was truly legit, he’d have the entire sports-industrial complex at his beck and call and hed be a billionaire. It’s like a top MMA trainer. Is he really that good or did he just get lucky with one or two top-notch fighters/athletes?

I saw the TB12 Method book that the guy supposedly co-wrote with Brady and it wasn’t anything special.

Who doesn’t like recliners?

IP doesn’t like recliners.

Well you have a demon inside you that needs exorcising. Dont know what else to tell yah.

I think having the #1 qb of all time vouch for you says you’re legit. Lol

The OG would implode seeing a photo of a shirtless Brady with Diego’s boy, also shirtless, behind Brady and with his arms draped around him.

Wish I could afford him.
Seriously if I had the money I’d get him as a guru and go to that clinic in Columbia where Tyson and Shamrock go.

Snake oil. Brady is a goddamn gifted sonofabitch and this charlatan claims he did this? And if you pay him a huge price he will donut for you too?! Naw. Peddle your shit somewhere else lol

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True fact: Nobody wanted to use Barry’s anyways because it was defective. It had these pointy nail like things sticking out from the cushion that pricked you when you sat on it.

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Tom Brady, just another average QB.


I had a therapist who had a similar approach. A lot comes from neurology and “applied kinesiology” (which for some reason is TOTALLY different than kinesiology, just sharing the name…)

It simply worked, instantly. The guy could get you rid of concussion symptoms like no other. I too would think “that dude should be famous and super well paid” but you can’t believe the number of well placed rivals and head of organisations that want to keep people down just so that they don’t lose out…