Tom Bradys suspension upheld

Goddell says Brady destroyed his cell phone and the league didnt have access to over 10,000 texts that cannot be retrieved.

Matt Serra.....

Ill take it since they play the steelers week 1

Much more serious than anything Bonds did... or Pete Rose for that matter.

Time for Jimmy G to Bledsoe ol' tommy boy Phone Post 3.0

just what our court system needs! a deflated balls case... I see brady's team pushing this thing to the legal limits...and I think they will win... but they take the chance of losing and the 4 games being late in the season, versus the first four...

and those erased texts were probably a gisele goldmine...

Appeal is next in federal court it seems

Gooddell is trying to appear tough and ballsy on flimsy evidence. Phone Post 3.0

Remember he isn't suspended for deflated, he is suspended for obstructing an NFL investigation, which is in the NFL code of conduct as a suspendable offense.

The evidence he did that is pretty solid. Phone Post 3.0

Brady releases a statement: Phone Post 3.0

RockTheVote - I hope it delays the suspension until the playoffs. What a goof. Phone Post 3.0
What a 4 super bowl title winning goof Phone Post 3.0

didn't the player that knocked out his girlfriend get suspended the same amount of time 4 games

both offenses, abusing a female and deflating a football are equal

JasonJ - Brady is going to return all pissed off. 2007 all over again. Brady and Belichick came into that season to destroy the league. They ran up the score constantly. RIP the NFL.

Maybe you are right. They're a good team.

But I don't really understand the idea the being pissed off because you were caught cheating.

As a casual football fan this suspension is bullshit. Like it's Tom Brady's job to fill the footballs with air. Give me a break. Nothing has ever been proven & the NFL needs to hang this on somebody. And the guy taking all the heat just happens to be the best QB of his era. Joke.

Convenient the pats haters ignore the fact that brady and his attorney offered to get transcripts of all texts and calls from his old phone and submit it to the nfl. Goodell refused that. But hey, that ruins headlines. Phone Post 3.0

I doubt anyone who says he was cheating has actually read the details. The final ruling is that Brady "probably generally aware" of misconduct. There is zero evidence he was involved on anything at all. The NFL had access to everything they needed through phone records and email records.

The real reason the suspension was upheld is that the other 31 owners lobbied for it to be upheld. This has been a witch hunt from the beginning. Phone Post 3.0

Kraft firing bombs at press conference now, basically saying fuck you to the league Phone Post 3.0

here we go

Bobby spitting fire! I don't think Goodell will be very welcome in Gillette for the season opener.

this NFL season just got WAAAAAAY more interesting

Lol some media members ask such dumb questions at the press conference. Phone Post 3.0