Tom Campbell @ my MT School

Dear Mr. Blauer,

Tom Campbell came to my MT school to do some sparring. And I have to say I've seen very few fighters who can move like him. Man what a bad dude!!

After the sparring session he did a q&a and spoke very highly of you & your system.

Could you please tell me how to order your tapes & what tapes to order for a figher who has ring experience but not street experience.

Thank You, Bob Johnson

You were very lucky!! I met "Tsoup" at a LEO seminar with Tony. He was so helpful, showed up early to go over stuff with us b4 Tony arrived, down 2 earth approachable ... I have not seen him spar though but all Ive heard is like you said he is a BAD DUDE!


Oviously, I'm not Tony, but can give you some quick info and recs...

First of all, I'm glad you had the pleasure of meeting the extremely dangerous T.C. A truly nice guy who makes you glad he's on our side...

As far as your questions regarding tapes:

First stop should be the Blauer Tactical Systems website - - Once there you'll find a TON of information on the system as well as numerous recommendations on products.

In terms of which tapes? Best Bet = get 'em all! They are all literally filled with unbelievably amounts of insight. However, understanding typical budget constraints I would recommend starting with what's called the Be Your Own Bodyguard Package #1. It's huge, affordable and amazing in terms of info. There are also some other great deals on the website dependent upon your interest: BYOB #2, Edged Weapons Package, etc...

Finally, if you have further questions don't hesitate to contact the office - it's ultraprofessional - just like everything Tony does!

Good luck and welcome to the forum.


Thank You Mr. Cobb,

Bob Johnson

Thanks Eric!

Tom is a great coach and brings to that area a rare skill...a coach who can also fight.

As far as my tapes go...easiest thing to do of course is go to the PRODUCTS SECTION on our site and peruse that.

Tom has a tape in our catalogue called HOW TO NOT GET KNOCKED OUT! (a pretty good strategy and pretty good tape too!! :-))


Thank You Mr. Blauer,

Bob Johnson


Congrats man! Aside from being one of the most genuine guys on the planet Coach Campbell has incredible skill as an athlete and a coach, which as Coach Blauer said; is a rare combination.

I'm honored to have been a part of Tom's 'How to NOT get Knocked out' and can tell you first hand that it's an exceptional tape.

My first suggestion for your interest in the 'sport/street' shift is to pick up the 'Be Your Own Bodyguard' package. There are too many great tapes to recommend but I feel this package is the best start for everyone. It covers a huge range of material and provides an excellent foundation to build your BLAUER library from.

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line: