Tom Erikson vs Brandon Vera

Since Vera wants to take a swing at HW, why not throw him in to the fire?

If Erikson wins, it puts him one fight away from getting a title match IMO (considering his history) and Arlovski craps his pants a little. No real damage to Vera because he lost to an Elite HW.

If Vera wins, the Marketing department at UFC has a circle jerk and Vera gets some quantitative credibility added to the non-stop speculation. Erikson would probably find it tough to get a fight if this happens, but that is no different from his current status.



I don't like the idea, but anyways can Erickson make the 265 weight limit?

Yes, he is close right now to 265 as a matter of fact.

What is wrong with the idea? Who is it bad for?

Big Cat is getting old...

Erikson is getting up there, but there is no denying he would rattle the hell out of the vanilla UFC HW division.

It would bring some needed life into the division, and there could be a lot of answers given with respect to What Big Cat has left, and what Vera may have.

With respect to what Big Cat has been up to, this is from another recent thread:

"I agree 100% with that. The problem was when I did get enough fights and started to get rolling it stopped for awhile and I actually had to do my real job. I then would get thrown a bone on very short notice that I could not refuse. I take complete blame for the things that have gone good and bad in my career as I am the one who is taking the fights. This year is going to be a push for me, my training and wait are good. I am down to about 275 keeping myself close enough to fight at 265 if offered or big enough to fight anyone in the Super Hwt. division. I have a couple of irons in the fire and hopefully one of them will work out. Gary (yes Gary Goodridge) and I are working to make something work. Some new pictures along with some other stuff will be put up on Gary's site ( soon so folks can see for them selves.

All the Best BC "

lol @ elite!

So who would take this one mike?


This matchup makes total sense. For both Fighters.

And is a great injection into the HW division.

It basically HAS to happen

If Vera Beats Buentello, then goes on and Beats Ausserio Silva. He should then fight the winner of Monson Vs Pe De Pano, This would make a real HW contender based off wins, to step in the rink with Arlovski


It's Christmas, and I didnt get everything I asked for.

If this match ever happened I say it would be like Werdum vs. The Big Cat.
Don't get me wrong I think Tom's style is awesome, but if Vera's BJJ does
live up to what everyone says then Vera takes it via by possible RNC (like
Vera va. Hardonk would be sick. Two guys who can throw and two guys
who know the ground. Although, it might turn into a slow chess match
until one can connect on the other.

"Yes, he is close right now to 265 as a matter of fact."

Just curious, but how do you know?

read in a big cat interview that when he saw joe silva at a ufc event he told joe he could make 265 and joe smiled at him.

Tom could beat anyone, I repeat ANYONE! If he actually trained for a fight he would be unstoppable. Tom fights for fun, travel and a little extra money for his family. I have been trying to get him to train for just one month for a fight but he is busy and cant really get away from home for very long. He has a family and a good job. He is one of the best heavy weight coaches around. He just produces all american heavies. Tom has probably fought twice as many times as he has sparred. think about that. He is still one dangerous man. So much potential, but its just fun and games to him, its just how he rolls.

Sultan: Tom had posted here that he, at the time, was within the 265 range.

boilerbrawn: Your experience with Tom is exactly what my impression of him is. I wish he would - just for fun - give us one more serious run.