Tom Hardy takes gold


No offense, but was it at the Hollywood rainbow belt level against Zuckerberg and a tranny?

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Blue belt apparently and it was in England

kristen bell gtfo GIF by Showtime

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He trains at the same club as one of my mates, apparently he’s pretty good for a blue belt, takes training seriously and isn’t some precious Hollywood weirdo. That’s my third hand information anyway…


That’s awesome

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Obviously I meant to say rainbow pants level. That’s the highest of all levels as you well know.

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Good for him. At least he actually trains and doesn’t just talk like an imaginary movie tough-guy, believing he’s a character he played once, like Ron Perlman or that midget DeNiro.


Idris Elba would beat his ass

I know Idris does/did Muay Thai, does he grapple as well…?

Not sure

Hasn’t this dude been a blue belt for like 8 years?


He better be a good blue belt, he’s been a blue belt longer than most black belts have been practicing BJJ period

Ol sandbaggin ass Tom


Maybe he can only train a few times a week because his job as an actor is working on set for 3 months at a time.

Few times a week? Lmao

I’m assuming you’re joking….few times a week is a fantastic schedule

I went to England and had a pint in the blind beggar exactly where George Cornell was shot.
Me and an ex Chelsea headhunter had a couple of pints and a chat there.