Tom Lawlor's brother Tim to fight Aaron Simpson?

Tisk Tisk MMAJunkie. That's three errors in recent posts that have stuck around for a while.

Lawler lost to Smith via 1st round sub, then Couture is fighting Matt Coleman, and now this.

They are still however one of the best mma news sites out there, I'll definitely give them that.

I and O keys are close together so it's a legit typing mistake. I can see how they get Coleman's name wrong as he's relatively unknown and hasn't done much in the sport. I usually refer to him as Mike Coleman. Honest mistake.

 I find typos in all kind of news sources, however it makes it no less acceptable. I think a lot of times website allow their writers to post directly to the site instead of having a copy editor review the material first. 

 Aaron Simpson is  A badass

Tim Lawlor vs Steve Carwin.

Make it happen.

Zedlepln - Tim Lawlor vs Steve Carwin.

Make it happen.