Tom Platz had insane legs

Talk about never skipping leg day. Dude had crazy leg development. I dont know if I would ever want my thighs touching like that.



Thats gotta be uncomfortable. Think of the ball sweat you would get.


I would definitely not want thighs like that. I have no where near that type of dedication either so nothing to worry about lol

Good flexibility for a guy that size.


How do they look when not flexing ?

Hes weird as fuck now, creepy old man with a pony tail. Good guy though

He’s a wee person.


Dumbest “sport” ever


The Quadfather!


Earl Campbell should be the limit

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platz literally had the worst form out of anyone who ever lifted a weight. met him while i was engaged to a pro BB. he had just came back, working for vince mcmahon when he tried to create a pro bb league

wheni commented on platz legs, i was told paul demayo aka quadzilla had it over him



I met demayo a few times… Pretty rediculous.
I was in the gym one day when both he and matrarazzo were working out. Not really like humans

Both dead now.

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Didn’t DeMayo go to jail for something pretty gnarly?
And what did he die of? IIRC, Matrazzo died of heart failure at a fairly young age. He beat the shit out of his body not just with drugs, but severe dehydration.
Platz was definitely out there. I remember when he teamed with Leo Costa for a while to help him promote his Bulgarian / “Serious Growth” books. They had a video of Platz putting Costa through workouts. Kinda nuts. lol

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Demayo ended up a drug addict. He was working as a doorman at shitty club. It was pathetic he had the world by they balls at one time. He was one of the 1st guys to get a big metrx contract and he got a corvette from them at the same time.

I forgot how he died but I am pretty sure he just faded away into opiate addiction.

I had a friend, also dead now, that was very good friends with titus. I met them at a club one night that wouldn’t be where wed normally go. I asked why there. It was so titus could meet up with demayo to sell him percs. This was when they were both still competing so I knew that dude was going to go downhill and that’s what happened. This was one of the last times I saw that friend of mine… I didn’t want anything to do with any of that shit or any of them. He died several years later but also became a drug addict.


More like Tom Lats…

I actually called Tom and talked to him in ,87… Twice I think

Super nice guy. He believed that your mental state and focus were key to success


Commendable, but straight up masochistic!

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Gritty has him beat on calves

He doesn’t have balls.

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I’d like to hear more about this - how (why?) did you end up on the phone with him?
He’s always been a big mindset guy, I think.