Tom Pritchard Wrestling Clinic

WWE Talent Coordinator Dr. Tom Prichard will conduct a wrestling clinic on Saturday, June 5 from 10 am to 4 pm at the TASW Wrestling School, 210 W. First St. @ Hwy 59N, Humble, TX.

The clinic is open to wrestlers-refs and students of all levels nationwide. Dr. Tom will be providing training on the wrestling business at all levels, from basic mat skills, ring psychology, interview techniques, the correct
format for sending in your resume tapes and much more.

The Fee to attend the clinic is $100 in advance and $125 at the door.

To make your reservation you can mail in payment to:
Texas All-Star Wrestling
PO Box 951
Humble, Tx 77347.

For other questions, call 281-548-5856.

Dirt cheap for a guy who knows the business inside and out.

Is he really a doctor?