Tom Sauer is great, but

guess who beat him by TKO recently... BILL MAHOOD. then what did Bill do? he won his #1 contender fight in canada and then went to australia, proceeding to destroy Chris Haseman.

Mahood is the one that needs to get his shot in the UFC.

Props to Mr. Mahood. He beat a tough bastid! But you know what they say..."any given Sunday"

Congrats to Tom for beating Enson. That's a hell of a victory in anyone's book.

i think both guys are great. just pointing out that sauer's success also gives more credibility to mahood.

I couldn't agree more.

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Hmmm, I guess this is a good post because I didn't even remember Mahood's name. That's quite a streak he has going!

Damn, it looks like he avenged an earlier loss to Jason MacDonald as well and he's a badass. Anyone got video of Mahood??

Mahood rocks. He keeps getting better and better, stays active, and seeks out who he needs to keep learning. It's an attitude that will serve him very well.


Mahood maybe should get a big win in WEC or ROTR or something and then if he wins a fight there, he definitly deserves a shot in the UFC.

Better be soon though. Isn't he like 37 or 38 years old?

i would say once he wins the TKO title from Cote next month, that combined with his IFC and Spartan wins are plenty to get him into the big show. and yes he's 37 years old.

37? Wow, I didn't know he was that old. When did he start fighting?

He's just a kid!!!

i think he started doing pro mma when he was 34.


I hear in the Haseman fight that Mahood just took everything Chris threw at him, punches, kicks, submissions, and just walked through it... Very scarey indeed.

ttt for what has known for some time.


Say hi to Bill for me, I met him in Idaho when the Rajun Kajan fought Josh Thompson.

Thanks Doug

What is Mahood's fighting background?

He's from BC right?

How about a rematch with mahood and sauer in a UFC prelim... that would be a great idea... thank you very much :).

agrees with charles

Wasa-B, bill is from northen BC, prince george to be exact. He has mainly a striking background before he started into NHB... he has a blue belt in BJJ under john lewis i believe but his no-gi skills are definatly above that, at least purple belt level or even higher if you factor in his vicious strikes from the top. He biggest assets is his toughness, conditioning and his ability to inflict massive damage in a short amount of time. Nowadays for his fight preperation he trains with Denis Kang in vancouver, and still runs his mma school up in prince george.

wow, I went to Prince George a couple weeks ago for work...UNBC has a nice campus