Tom Segura's Craziest Stories

Lmao about visit to a creepy porn store.


His Joey Diaz stories are hilarious. Especially the one about how high he was on a plane.


I’m calling it he’s going to get caught cheating or leave his wife.

I only listen to your mom’s house when she’s not there… She’s fucking awful

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I saw her standup live once and have to agree

she has begun to annoy me too
initially i liked their chemistry

He’s not leaving her any time soon. I like Christina P. She doesn’t bother me.

When I was a teenager the place to buy glass bowls and bongs was the back room of a porn store. Imagine how shady of a business that was when THAT was in the back room of a sketchy ass porn shop.

For the most part she doesn’t bug me too much. But there are 3 things that sometimes make me turn it off.

  1. She will get upset when Tom thinks what she brings up is stupid and tries to move on. Then she will stop the convo to bring it back to what she wants to say. He’s saving you. Shut up.

  2. She now does a lot of fake laughing while talking through it. I think she got it from Bert who is the worst with that. Always fake laughing while squeezing out words.

  3. Fuck your stupid fart mic. No one wants to listen to you fart on air. Dirtass

It’s still my fav podcast though. Tom is fucking hilarious to me and holds it all together.