Tom Waits' best songs?

I have very little exposure to Waits, but I'm digging the song "Hell Broke Luce" which I just discovered today on another thread here. Other than that, the only other song of his I know is "the Piano Has Been Drinking" which I often sing at karaoke.

What else should I check out? He's got so many albums and songs that it's overwhelming, so I'd like to start with a few of his best songs.

I would start at the beginning , I like his old stuff and mostly with his piano. His live set at Austin was great and his concerts are something special. Phone Post 3.0

Hold on. It was used in walking dead as well Phone Post 3.0

My favorite is Burna Shave. Phone Post 3.0

Closing time. A beautiful remake was done by Darius Rucker years ago. The remake is incredible too. Phone Post 3.0

Everything from the heart of Saturday night is great Phone Post 3.0

I'm a big fan of his older piano stuff as well. Waltzing Matilda, Martha, Christmas card from a hooker in Minneapolis. Some stuff that sounds more like hell broke luce would be Clap Hands and some stuff from the orphans album Phone Post 3.0

2:19 sticks out as one of my favorites. Really too many to list though. Phone Post 3.0

Absolute favourite is Step Right Up. Phone Post 3.0


I like nighthawks at the diner

earth died screaming

Jockey full of Bourbon is my favorite. Phone Post 3.0

I'm a huge Waits fan. I can't really pick a favorite.

He has different styles from different periods. The early piano stuff is really good, but I prefer the middle and later stuff. Rain Dogs is sweet, but I think his Swordfishtrombone album is top notch too. Bone Machine is also pretty uniquely great.

He has the piano music, the blues music, the avant garde music, the spoken word music, and the theatrical music. Each is superb in its own way.

To really appreciate the man's artistry I suggest watching his performance movie from 1988. Here's a youtube of the whole thing:

"the piano has been drinking" will always be my fav. Phone Post 3.0

ShamusO'nyou - I like nighthawks at the diner
My favorite album of his. I love the interludes. I played better off without a wife when my best friend told me he was asking his girl to get hitched. Phone Post 3.0

raoulDuke - earth died screaming

Fuck yes.

I personally like Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis. Warm Beer, Cold Women is another good one.

Love me some Tom Waits. Ol' 55 would probably be my favorite. Phone Post 3.0

His first three albums are classics. Closing Time, Heart of Saturday Night and Small Change.

Rain Dogs and Swordfishtrombones are a good bridge between his early stuff and he's done in the last two decades.

Bone Machine, Mule Variations, Orphans Brawlers and Bastards are all good.