tommaro pics and police report

ommarow and all you people who doubt this will be eating your own shit. anyone bet 1000 yet? or are you all just doubting this because its something that you wouldnt even have the balls to handle? and ya Im pissed at the people who even question the validity of what I went through.

ALso to be noted it wasnt a frat problem it was a bunch of guys from holyoke that got kicked out of the party waiting in the parking lot just to fuck someone up. and honestly? Im fucking happy it was me instead of most of the people who post on this forum talking about how tough you are and how shit is unreal because if it was most of you we would of had a homicide on our hands instead of people talking about troll this and troll that.

The police report said 20 people, most armed with baseball bats. so maybe you can say Im lying from that. I guess I cant count to good in this type of situation. sorry I lied.

still bragging ? i still say 7 guys w any kind of bad intentions nobody could last a minute .Ill eat crow tho if u show police report and pictures

pic of the exploded bat with tiger palm fingerprints on it?

redneck he didnt claime to maim them but took a bat to the jaw and head and a bat shattered when he blocked it with his hand Heck thats gotta be something I gotta see to believe sorry But If u can manage a police report, pics and Kirik verifies it Ill eat a plate of crow ( tho deepdown will think i was trolled but will keep that to myself )

Mike is an honest person. He came in last night, and did look a little like a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone.

so you lied to the cops who wrote it down, happens all the time.


ttt- for the baseball bat samurai

I have made a websight for you guys. Also police report. The police report is in error in some cases... but not badly. Nothing I stated was an exageration at all. not in any sence of the word. IN the police report it notes that the injury to the head was with a smaller hispanic guy. Thats not true. That guy carried the wooden bat that I tried to catch. The reason no one really got arrested is because the baseball bat to the side of my head happened from behind. I didnt see that person. And also I saw them take 4 bats from the ground. I didnt stick around to much to speak with the officers because I was taken to the hospital via ambulance. thier was a lot of blood.

more photos to come. george from aac took a few other pics and will be sending them in.

for those who really need to double check... right click and save portions of the police report and open it on your computer. but Im sure a true internet warrior understands how to do this.

to many people hit it at once. Im not dropping money to validate this. if someone really needs to email me at and I can email this shit for you


With all due respect, you sound like you have some issues.

Who cares of some people don't believe you, it's just the internet. You don't even know these people.

Sounds to me like you had alterior motives for posting the story, then when anonymous people called you on it you took it as a slight to your manhood.

Just be happy you survived in one piece.

"to many people hit it at once."



send the emails bro Ill send the pics. only reason is because one thing I hate is being acussed of as a lyer. I do have issues with that and in almost any respect I try to go out of my way to prove people Im honest. its caused some relationship tensions in the past.

I'd be interested in seeing them, glad that you didn't get KTFO or worse!

sent. thank you.

I'm glad you are alive to tell the story.......

Remember, you're life is precious & losing you would have hurt your family....... 4 ever. Some pain can never be taken away.